Cargo Brokerage and Port Agency

As agent for different NVOCC’s we also provide services such as:

  • Providing the necessary information concerning the freight rates and the publication of the sailing lists
  • Looking for cargo via notices and sailing lists
  • Booking of cargo and the conclusion of the agreements
  • Drawing up, initiating and delivering the required documents (booking lists, shipping permits, delivery orders) related to the cargo
  • Contacting the shippers/forwarders regarding the deliveries for shipment
  • Fulfilling the necessary formalities regarding the delivery and reception of the goods (customs etc.)
  • Settling cargo claims with insurance companies

Cargo Handling and Documentation

Integra Marine & Freight Services N.V. has extensive knowledge and IT systems in place to comply with the latest trends. To improve productivity and minimize errors, we have implemented an ERP system to support our core operations which easily integrates with the Asycuda system. We also provide a complete client portal to track all your information such as invoices.

Courier Shipments

For your shipments that need to arrive as quickly as possible, Integramar NV offers express services. Time in transit typically ranges from one to more days depending on the origin and destination countries as well as flight availability (due to Covid-19 restrictions or other).

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  • Single point of contact for vessel handling and operations
  • Centralized Port calls management system.
  • Quick, accurate and detailed PDA’s
  • Real time updates and reporting
  • Excellent relations with authorities
  • Local knowledge of ports and terminals
  • Ensuring Proper documentation

Hub Agency Services

We offer Hub services through our partner network specifically designed to provide a Single Point Contact for owners/Charterers for their Operational, Financial & Administration requirements across the Latin American / Caribbean continent.

Individually tailored Hub Agency solutions are created to meet Owners/Charterers requirements that provide significant competitive advantage and also guarantees a premium service based on efficiency and commitment.

We oversee and manage everything from financial transactions to checking port logs and documentation. Attention to detail remains key in everything we do. Our strength lies with the in-depth knowledge of our client requirements and a proven understanding of voyage management that derives from daily contact with the voyage operators, local agents and port community. This ensures a seamless service is provided on each voyage.

Logistic Service Provider

Since 2010, Integra Marine & Freight Services N.V. has an internal Logistic/Expedition department that does the complete logistics from Procurement, Booking (air and sea), Route Selection, Warehousing, Customs Clearance and Delivery, all being done in a central (tracking) system. We understand that time is money, so we also provide financial services such as pre-financing as a value-added service. Accumulated more than 70 years of logistics experience.

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Marine Insurance

Integra Marine & Freight Services N.V. marine cargo cover for your ocean cargo. Our company is free of advice. This means that we don’t have any contractual obligation to advise you to choose the financial products of certain insurance companies. Nevertheless, we can advise you accordingly. 

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Project Management

Integra Marine & Freight Services N.V. converts your project or challenge into an actionable plan and provide dedicated project management to drive it through completion. We work with your teams to foster cross-functional collaboration, manage stakeholder relationships and implement the processes and tools needed to realize your project. Our services are based on a unique combination of local and foreign technology, logistics infrastructure and expertise with which you will be able to track the progress of the project a la minute.


 Special and Project Cargo

Integra Marine & Freight Services N.V. is specialized in handling special and project cargo, such as: heavy lifts, dangerous goods and high value goods. With over 70 years of cumulated experience, we can provide:

  • Shipping (ocean- or airfreight)
  • Local handling of the special or project cargo such as:
  • Discharging of the cargo
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Examination and preparation of the infrastructure for road transport
  • Road transport
  • Force Majeure emergency plan


Used Containers for Sale

We offer used cargo- and seaworthy dry and reefer containers for sale. This can either be used as a safe and secure storage facility or as an office space after rebuilding.

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Integra Marine & Freight Services N.V. is currently acting as Ship agent for different global and regional shipping lines and other project related charter vessels.

  • Logistics support to captain of the vessel:

o Crew changes (off/on signers)

o Cash to Masters

o Visa arrangements

o Hotel and Transportation

o Procurement Services

Vessel Agency

Services to these vessels include but are not limited to:

  • Arranging for the pilot and the tugs if necessary (MAS)
  • Drawing up the documents for the customs and harbor services (NV Havenbeheer)
  • Ensuring a berth for the incoming ship
  • Arranging for the necessary ship fresh water / provisions
  • Arranging for the necessary doctor for the crew for any medical assistance
  • Arranging for storage bunkers if these are needed
  • Arranging for necessary repairs
  • Conveying instructions to and from the ship owner
  • Organizing the supply, transport and the handling of the goods
  • Organizing the necessary contacts with the stevedores
  • Collecting freights, cargoes
  • Contacting shippers and the receivers of the goods

Vessel IT Support

We are prepared to provide you the IT Support that you need based on excellence, efficiency and transparency saving you both time and money. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Services on Board:


Our goal is to solve your problems before departure. Flexibility and thinking out of the box are our normal.


We take care of any new device which needs to be installed. This can be either a computer, printer or other IT device.

Preventive Maintenance

It is very important to keep your IT-system up to date. Vital things, such as antivirus and backup, we can handle for you.

Virus and malware

When you suspect that your system is infected, contact us. We will scan and clean your whole computer system and update your antivirus software. 

Network and VSAT

From the smallest network problem to the biggest installation. We have the experience, tools and skills which will take care of these.


Give us a call and we will arrange that part or device that you are looking for. We can deliver onboard, to a forwarder or ship it by courier to any port in the world.

  Services at our Office:


We will prepare your computer or server before shipment. An additional advantage is our verification that all hardware and software are working properly. If desired, you can add specific company software or settings via remote access. Onboard it is just a matter of plug and play.


if your vessels are calling the Caribbean-region frequently it might be useful to have a local warehouse. We can store specific parts and deliver them on call.

Remote Support

Going onboard is not always necessary. Most problems can be solved via shore support. Depending on the type of problem we can support the vessel remotely by using telephone, email or remote access.

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Vessel Lay-Up

Integra Marine & Freight Services N.V. has an active Partnership with NMTS Group in Curacao. Through this partnership we are providing Lay-Up services for 4 Offshore Vessels (Anchor Handling Tugs) which includes full logistics and provisioning of procurement services.


Integra Marine & Freight Services N.V. has its own bonded warehouse outside the port, which is 1800 square meters. This warehouse is mainly used for distribution of incoming LCL cargo and aircargo as well as consolidation for LCL export to the Netherlands, Guyana and Miami. We can also offer private warehouse rental near the port area, where you can (temporary) store your cargo after arrival. The services are made possible by a combination of efficient warehouse management and operations.