Ship Services

Bunker Call

Our goal: Bunkering without a hiccup. When it comes to bunkering, it’s all about efficiency, because Time is Money. That’s why you need a company that minimizes delays and coordinates the entire operation, so that the process is fast and smooth. Thanks to long-term collaborations with local suppliers and excellent local knowledge, you can rely and depend on us.

Cash to master: safely to your ship

On a ship it is a challenge to get cash money. But don’t worry, with our Cash to Master service there is always enough cash available. Just send your request upfront so we can arrange everything in a timely manner.

Crew Change

We say goodbye to the offsigners and we welcome the onsigners.  Integramar arranges immigration formalities, visa arrangements on arrival, transportation to and from the ship and OK to board letters. We make sure there is a taxi ready to bring your new crew to the ship and your departing crew to the airport or hotel. We can offer all services related to crew changes.

Deliveries to your vessel: easy & fast

From a letter to a heavy ship part: we ensure that you get it on board. On board deliveries get more complex, because of increasingly stringent regulations at terminals and custom formalities. We make sure your ship or vessel receives all deliveries timely without delay. Whether it’s the shipment of spare parts, pallets of food, chemicals or something else, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver your products to the ship. But that’s not all. We can arrange a warehouse for short or long term storage.

Dry docking

Efficient dry docking saves time and money. At Integramar we make sure the work is well planned. We coordinate with the various teams and ensure that everyone is ready on time. One of our key factors is a 24 hour service.

Medical assistance in a fingersnap

Integramar provides medical services when someone on board needs a pharmacist, dentist, doctor or physiotherapist. Let us arrange the appointment and transport of your crew member, so he can be treated. But that is not all. Each self-sufficient ship is a small hospital with many medicines, bandages and medical accessories. We regularly fill and renew the contents of the medicine cabinet.


Every ship receives visitors: from suppliers to technicians. There are certain guidelines for ship visits. Registering at the terminal or port is one of them. At Integramar we think along with you and your visitors and do all the necessary preparation to ensure a smooth visit . Optionally we can also arrange transport for the visitors, so that they arrive at the right time and at the right location.